Having gained invaluable knowledge and experience in both the marine and entertainment rigging industries, Glenn Blakeborough Ltd was formed to provide certified LOLER inspection, load testing and installation of rigging and lifiting equipment throughout the entertainment, education and exhibition industries.  

Venue inspections & Installation


Whether it is a theatre, exhibition hall, gallery or school, Glenn Blakeborough Ltd can provide your venue with the reassurance of an inspection, load test and detailed LOLER report.  From counterweight flying systems, hemp sets and lighting bars to trusses and rigging accessories.


Lifting machines

Certified maintainance, inspection and test for all types of lifting machines including:


  • E.C.H. - Kinesys, Liftket, Lodestar, ExE, Gis, Load Guard, Verlinde 

  • M.C.B.Lever hoist

  • Electric and manual winches.

  • Wind up stands

Harnesses / P.P.E.

Glenn Blakeborough Ltd  provide certified inspections for a large range of Working at Hight equipment to help keep you safe.


Service provided to both the individual and companies alike.  

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon

LOLER inspections